Virginia Beach Oceanfront Anniversary Session

Golden Hour Couples Session at North End, Virginia Beach

I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of the beach. Yeah sometimes sand is annoying, but that is completely outweighed by the salty ocean breeze and the warm sun hitting your face. Growing up in the area, I used to come to the beach pretty often for art festivals, boardwalk events or just cause! Not much better than walking down the beach with an ice cream from DQ. Now that I’m older and want a little more peace and quiet for my beach days, I always go to the residential area of the beach to get away from the tourist crowds. So when Jessica and Dalton were interested in having their pictures taken for their anniversary, I suggested the North End area.

These two cuties have been together for three years! They are currently doing the long distance thing for just a little longer as Dalton is in Richmond and Jessica is living in Norfolk (for now!), so it made their time and photos together even more special. They ran around and snuggled up on the beach together until sunset and even got a little splashed playing at the edge of the ocean. So thankful to have met this gorgeous, fun couple and congratulations to them!

Thinking about giving the gift of photos for an anniversary gift?- REACH OUT because I’m 100% down to hang out with you and your boo on the beach