Virginia Beach Fall Couples Session

Let’s talk Christmas card photos. When I think of holiday card photos, I think of the whole family smiling at the camera maybe some matching Christmas sweaters and probably half the people in the photo don’t want to be there. But when Hannah reached out and said that she wants some photos for her and Nick’s Christmas card I was stoked because she came with a different vision! They wanted to wear all black and take them in a place that really represented where they are currently living, Coastal Virginia. When Hannah suggested having the pictures somewhere by the water and tall grass, I wanted something different than the Oceanfront and knew that my favorite park in Virginia Beach would be a perfect match.

Every year of their marriage, no matter where they are, Hannah and Nick have made a point to have photos taken to document their relationship and life at the time. I felt so special to be included in this yearly tradition!

Cheers to the cutest Christmas card photos ever!

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