Richmond In-Home Session

The Coziest Adventure Session- In their New House

They bought a house! Big congrats to Keenan and Vy- owning a home is super exciting- although they assured me it’s also coming with a whole lot of home improvement projects! I’m so glad they opened up their home to me so I would be able to capture them relaxed and comfortable in their natural environment. From snuggling up on the couch to tickle fights on the bed, I love how these images were able to capture this couple as they truly are in real life.

Engagement photos don’t always have to be out on the town, at the beach, or anywhere crazy. The best, and most convenient place, can sometimes be in your own home!

And I can’t forget to mention their little sidekick Daisy! How cute is she?!

If you’d prefer to have your engagement photos taken in the comfort of your own home, with your fur babies by your side, REACH OUT. I’d love to make it an in-home session!

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