I’m so happy you stumbled across my work — and thanks for taking a look around.

Hi, I’m Hayley-Ann

an elopement + small wedding photographer living in Hampton Roads, Virginia

  • I help couples craft and capture their intentionally meaningful wedding day experience.
  • Things I can’t get enough of: My pet plants, dancing in the kitchen, personality quizzes, sustainability & traveling the world!

Your engagement, and the wedding day itself, will fly by so fast.

When you look back on pictures from that time, you should be immediately reminded of the love that you have for each other —Not how stressful the planning process was or how awkward felt having to pose in front of the camera.

That’s where I come in!


I’m passionate about documenting your story in an artistic way that still feels comfortable, natural, and completely true to you. I’m focused on capturing how your love feels.


My parents were toting me around the world since before I could walk. I’m so grateful that my family valued travel and that by the time I was in high school I still couldn’t get enough of it. That’s when I first picked up a real (non-disposable, non-Barbie brand) camera. I realized how important it is to capture the good memories and how much I appreciate looking back through the pictures. 

Although I loved landscapes, when I started traveling with friends, I noticed how much more meaningful the photos were with people in them. Now it’s exciting to be able to capture special memories for other people to look back on and enjoy. 


Up for an adventure, open minded, and down-to-earth.


I genuinely want to be your friend and celebrate these awesome moments with you guys! I want to get to know who you are so that your photos are an authentic reflection of your relationship. I’m 100% invested in you two having an amazing and memorable wedding experience. So, we’ll do the planning together and then I’ll be there to document you two having the best day ever!

So are you in?

More About Hayley

Some of my favorite memories

Some Things I’m Inspired by:

  • I’m inspired by dance, light, shadows, textures, nature + its landscapes. 
  • I’m inspired by you and your unique story. I believe that love is love, Black lives matter, and that all bodies are beautiful. I’m here to celebrate you and your love WHATEVER that looks like. 
  •  I’m inspired by adventure- whether that be exploring that new trail in a country you’re visiting for the first time, or a small detail like trying a new food that makes each day with your partner exciting. I’m here for adventures, big and small! 

I live for new adventures and I would be honored to document your story wherever it may take me.


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